Maggie Chen started the piano at the age of 5, and the cello at the age of 8.  She had her first public recital at age of 12. She was a teaching assistant for visually impaired musician while she studying at the National Taiwan Academy of Arts from 1992-1995. At the age of 19, Maggie came to the United States as a scholarship student at the Chicago College of Performing Arts, where she studied with Kim Scholes, Natalia Khoma, Richard Hirschl, Stephen Balderston, and Barbara Haffner. Maggie joined the Midwest School of Music faculty for17 years as a Cello and Piano instructor, and currently owns her private music studio in Oak Brook, Illinois.



Maggie is a devoted Christian, wife, and mother of two wonderful children. She loves spending time with her family, rolling eyes to her teenager son Isaac's 'funny' jokes, and playing piano for Gabriella to sing on Sunday evening. Her favorite activities are reading books in the sunroom at home, painting vintage furniture into a new look in the summer, hosting the gathering for heartwarming talks, collecting artworks and photos, making new recipes for her family, watching Peter McKinnon's cinematography editing tutorials and she loves Nordstrom! 



Chicago College of Performing Arts,

Roosevelt University

     Master of Music, Performance in Cello, 2001

     Bachelor of Music, Performance in Cello, 2000



Manhattan String Quartet, 1998

John Sharp, 2000-01

Steinway and Sons Educational Partner, 2017
College Performance Award, 1996-2001
Foundation for Artistic and Musical Excellence, USA, 2000
Rome Festival, Italy, 1998
International School for Musical Arts,
Canada, 1997
Algonquin International Music Institute,
Canada, 1996