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About Me

Plant seeds in music, water them with love, and celebrate every bloom.

Welcome! Hope you like and find what you need from my website. I have been teaching both cello and piano with all ages of students for 22 years at my home-studio in Oak Brook. My students are in a variety of levels with different interests (classical to pop music) and goals (certificates and/or competitions), which are taught with tailored curriculums. I have taught my children both instruments as well since they were 3 years old, and they have shaped me into a better teacher, and a better mom. I’ve learned so much about how to help children with their musical journey from personal experiences. Please contact me if you are looking for an instructor who teaches with love and encouragement. 


Maggie Becoming

At age of 13, I performed Handel's Messiah at the National Theatre and Concert Hall with the Taipei Young Musician Orchestra. When all musicians were still excited in the back of the stage after a huge ovation from the crowd, the conductor quickly changed his glamorous tuxedo to his casual attire. I asked the maestro why he changed his attire so quickly. He said: “the music comes from God, the glory is to God. The longer I wear the tuxedo, the more I think the glory belongs to me because of my hard work, and I will become lost and arrogant and forget about who created me.” He has taught me to be humble and keep growing in skills and faith so I can be the instrument of God when I grow up. 

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