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2018 Cello Beginner Summer Camp

Course:  Introduction of The Art Of Cello Playing, Fundamental Cello/Piano Music Theory, and Aural Training

Instrument:  Fine Cellos (Sponsored by Guadagnini Violin Shop)

Date:  6/11 - 6/15 (Monday – Friday)

Time:  9:15AM – 1:15PM

Class size:  Min 4/Max 6

Age:  8 – 11 (3rd - 5th Graders)

Fee:  $330/per student (2 workbooks and 1 T-shirt are included)

Instructor:  Maggie Chen, M.M.

Location:  Maggie Chen Studio, 31st St. / Meyer Rd. in Oak Brook, IL 60523

(The location is a home studio. The street number will be given out to students who sign up for the class.)


Things to bring:

  • Cello Note Speller by Edward Janowsky (provided by the camp)

  • Piano Note Speller book 1 by J.W. Schaum (provided by the camp)

  • Supplies (Pencils, eraser, staff papers, a clipboard)

  • Sack lunch and water bottle 

The 5-days Cello Beginner Summer Camp is tailored for the first-time learner to explore the art of cello playing from many different perspectives: listening skills, fundamental music theory, and composing their own melody in a small setting.

Every morning at the first period, students start with aural training which develops listening skill, singing in tune and memorizing music. Cello bow hold, finger position, and sitting posture will be adjusted and practiced for an hour in the 2nd period. The 3rd and 6th periods are cello and piano fundamental music theory which provide them with the skills needed to read and write Western music notation. Students also get to rehearse solo pieces with assigned teaching assistant at the end of the day.

These unique sessions equip your cello beginners a great start to their musical journey and ready for school orchestra! Students will walk away from these classes better in individual skills!

Click HERE to download the camp brochure.

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Registration: First come first serve basis. Register either by phone 773.255.5100 or email

No make-up classes will be provided.

Registration must be submitted prior to 04/30/2018.  Fee can be paid any time before 05/07/2018.

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