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2017 Music Camp: The Theme of Teen

Course Content: Song Writing Skill, Music Theory and Aural Training

Date:  6/12 - 6/16 (Monday – Friday)

Time: 9:15AM – 1:15PM

Class size: Min 6/Max 8

Age: 10 – 16 (or ABRSM Theory Level III or above)

Course Material:

  • ABRSM theory books grade III - V

  • “La La Land Movie Soundtrack” song book

  • Supplies (Pencils, eraser, staff papers, a clip board)

  • iPad/iPhone with GarageBand installed (optional)


As instrumental skills progress, development in music theory and musicianship becomes increasingly important in helping students to perform with sensitivity, understanding and confidence.  


The summer 5-days advance music camp helps student to develop listening skill, empower individual to appreciate the richness of music, communicate it with confidence, and develop composing skills. Two new sessions for this year are Songwriting Skill and Perfect Pitch Training, in which students learn the common chord progressions from pop music, re-structure the format and re-create into their own composition.

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Class Descriptions

  • Perfect Pitch Aural Training (New!) develops listening skills: awareness of their own playing, singing in tune, balancing and blending with other musicians, memorizing music, and fluency and accuracy in sight-reading. The goal is to identify the name of the note.

  • Music Theory III – V aims to give students a thorough understanding of the building blocks of music, starting with the basics of rhythm and notes, and going on to cover harmony and counterpoint, composition. Student will be guided and given to work on suitable exercises by individual’s level.

  • Analyzing of top three common chord-progressions of pop music (New!) enables students to explore song writing skills. To learn how to compose, you need to understand the rules; when composing, you need to forget about rules! In this session, students study and practice the most common chord progressions of pop songs on the piano. The goal is to learn the traditional building blocks and create something new!

  • Song Writing (New!) cultivates a curious nature and creativity in music. Students gain experience of creating their own melodies and understand what notes to use while playing a melody over a chord progression. The goal is to compose 8 measures melody.

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