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2016 Intensive Aural Training, Sight Reading and Theory Class

Date: 6/6 - 6/10 (M – F)

Time: 9:15 am - 1:15pm

Class size:  Min 6/Max 8

Age: 8 - 14    


As instrumental skills progress, development in music theory and musicianship becomes increasingly important in helping students to perform with sensitivity, understanding and confidence.  


This summer 5 days intense course focus on helping students to develop listening skill/musical ear; and empowers students to appreciate the richness of music, and to communicate it with confidence. 


Material & Workbooks Requirement: Pencils/Eraser/Staff papers/ABRSM Theory books. For Cello students, please bring your instrument for sight reading session.

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Aural Training develops listening skills: awareness of their own playing, singing in tune, balancing and blending with other musicians, playing rhythmically and expressively, memorizing music, and fluency and accuracy in sight-reading.


Theory aims to give students a thorough understanding of the building blocks of music, starting with the basics of rhythm and notes, and going on to cover harmony and counterpoint, composition.


Sight Reading enables students to explore new pieces with increased confidence and speeds up the learning process. Good sight-reading skills offer the satisfaction of independent musical discovery, as notation on the page is more readily transformed into sound.

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